Being Cool isn’t always a good thing!

We, as homeowners, seem to always want our homes to look amazing. From the paint on the walls, the flooring beneath our feet, to the window dressings we choose, beauty and comfort seems to always take center stage inside our homes. But what about what’s behind those walls you have decorated with family photos? Do you ever feel a slight chill in the air yet the heat is running? Do your friends refer to your home as the “cold house”? Just because your home is insulated, it doesn’t mean it was done properly.

Just like when you’re feeling ill, a physician needs to perform a battery of tests to accurately determine what the issue is. The same is true when it comes to our house. What is needed is a home audit. Expert tests that are preformed to determine the exact cause of the heat loss.

Insulation Technologies Inc. with decades of experience and knowledge, knows the importance of home audits. When you’re ready to know what’s behind your walls, give Insulation Technologies Inc. a call at (414)-732-2234.


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