Commercial Windows


We want to address newer division here at Intec as window installers and distributors.

When it comes to windows and doors that will truly set a building apart from the rest Intec has partnered with Quaker Windows & Doors that has been providing “The Right Solution” for more than 70 years.

We work with developers for the commercial windows with a DP rating for each opening for every floor as well. DP = design pressure or DP rating, this is a measurement of the strength of a window. It will tell you how well a product will stand up to high winds. The higher the DP rating the stronger the window. It does not relate to energy efficiency, but DP rating is still an important factor to consider. Most window companies will only offer DP ratings for individual windows. Quaker gives a design pressure, which in turn gives people a certainty about having something that works. Quaker will give you the DP rating for the entire assembly. This will come into play when you have multiple windows mulled together in a single opening.

We work with builders and developers and have a solid partnership in providing quality windows especially historic restoration windows.

Our audience is for developers, owners, architects and sales reps for dealers.

Commercial Jobs: Have to Have Windows

Developers want the cheapest and quickest way to get a commercial job done. They are expecting us to be able to get a variety of types of materials: ones they specify in specs or drawings.

Example: We come in if someone says we have bad windows…

We ask what’s wrong? Are they leaking? Is it energy efficient? Are they falling apart? Are they rotting?…What do you feel is the problem with the windows?…

The developers are looking for a trusted partnership. We deliver this trusted partnership and have the expertise with great windows.

The name on a project is the contractor not Intec’s name so they want a final product that truly represents great quality and we partner with them to get that done.

Contractors speak to one another so the quality of our work matters.

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