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Are Light Switches Big Sources of Leaks?


junction boxes

Here’s an interesting video from our friends at Energy Vanguard that shows how much air can leak through simple things like light switches.

What Is a Common Place for Air Leaks to Occur In a Home?

Those tiny gaps around switches and electrical outlets leak quite a bit of air. Now think about how many light switches and sockets you have throughout your home and it’s not so difficult to imagine the amount of air that you can lose. It’s the last thing you want on a cold winter night.

How Can You Stop Air Leakage?

Junction boxes.

Junction boxes are metal or plastic, about 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches deep, and it’s where the electrical wiring in your home goes live when the wires come together. The boxes can house several wires inside depending on the size of the junction box. The purpose of a junction box is to secure electrical wires, known as hot (black), white (neutral) and grounding (green or copper).

Have an Energy Audit Performed

A whole-house energy audit will look at the building envelope (which inludes all the components that make up your home’s outer shell, including windows, doors, insulation levels, and the level of air leakage in between building materials); all combustion equipment including boilers, furnaces and water heaters; and the movement of air within the home to ensure that the air you and your family are breathing is fresh, healthy and safe. During the audit, professionals will use an infrared camera to identify air leakage and deficient insulation, a blower door to measure the rate of air infiltration in the home, and a duct blaster test to determine whether your ducts are well-sealed, among other various tools.

Contact us with any questions, to schedule a home energy audit process or to learn more about  what steps you can take to improve home energy performance.

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