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Insulation Technologies, Inc-INTEC has been in business for 31 years in the Forest, WI area providing you with your reflective insulation costs needs. We are proud to say that we have serviced over 21,000 dwellings in the Forest, WI area. At Insulation Technologies, Inc-INTEC we are committed to providing the Forest, WI area with quality reflective insulation costs products and outstanding workmanship when it comes to your reflective insulation costs needs. Give us a call for an estimate at 414-732-2234.
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Insulation Technologies, Inc-INTEC provides premium reflective insulation costs services in the Forest, WI area. We will come to you and evaluate your needs when it comes to your reflective insulation costs services in the Forest, WI area. Insulation Technologies, Inc-INTEC is here to help you make all the right choices for your reflective insulation costs needs. Give us a call at 414-732-2234 if you are in the Forest, WI area.
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Attic heat begins with radiant heat from the sun. Radiant heat gets the ball rolling by heating the air inside the attic space. Next convection occurs as hotter air rises and cooler air sinks. As the air and contents of the attic become saturated with heat, they begin to emit heat to their surroundings. The heat emitting from those surroundings (including the fiberglass insulation inside the attic) conducts through the ceiling drywall and into the cooler living space of the home. Reflective Insulation stops radiant heat from getting in during the summer and from getting out during the winter. Installing insulation inside the attic isn’t an upgrade, its essential to controlling heat at its source. Regardless of how much insulation you have in your attic, adding Insulation will save on your heating and cooling expenses, and keep you much more comfortable. Energy savings for heating and cooling can vary from 17% to 25%.

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