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Environmental Factors

Cold weather conditions

Warm air rises. Without proper insulation, heat escapes through ceilings and attics. Improving the insulation in the attic results in less heat loss, lower heating costs, better temperature control and increased comfort.

Hot weather conditions

Sun radiates heat to the roof and through the ceiling. Without proper insulation, the heat transfers into the home. Improving the insulation in the attic results in less heat gain, lower AC costs, and a more consistent temperature inside the home.

Division of Heat Loss in a Typical Home

  • Infiltration – 30%
  • Windows and Doors – 25%
  • Walls – 27%
  • Attics – 5 to 10%

INTEC will perform a thorough inspection of your home using the latest technology available for heat loss detection. We will then propose a comprehensive plan based on our analysis for improving the performance of your home as it pertains to energy usage. Increasing the amount of insulation and replacing doors and windows can result in dramatic differences, and the cost of the improvement is offset by the amount you save on your energy bills over the next 5 to 10 years.

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Shorewood home owner, new windows

Very professional at each level of the organization. Follow through and communications throughout the project were fantastic. I would recommend Insulation Technologies to anyone with a home improvement project in their future. read more

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