Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Performance Value

Icynene is a self-expanding foam insulation that provides superior performance in energy efficiency, air quality and sound control. Icynene is a liquid that expands in seconds up to 100 times its original volume, sealing all gaps and crevices that it comes in contact with, providing a superior insulation and air barrier. Icynene provides exceptional sound control from the outside world, and when applied to inside walls, reduces the noise from plumbing stacks, laundry rooms and entertainment centers.

Spray or Pour Fill

Icynene is applied as a spray in new construction, remodeling or where there is open access. Icynene is effective in both wood and metal construction. In older homes, Icynene has a pour fill formula which allows it to be applied through small holes in the wall and allowed to gently rise upward in the wall cavity.

Energy and Air Quality

Icynene eliminates infiltration (air leakage) sealing out dust or allergens to provide both energy efficiency and optimum air quality. With an R-value nearly twice that of batt insulation, Icynene has shown energy savings between 30 to 50%, and is certified Green due to its reduction of energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions.

Icynene does not shrink, sag, settle or decline in R-value over time. It is water-based, contains no formaldehyde, HCFC’s common in other expandable foams, and does not off-gas into the indoor environment. Icynene is inert and does not provide a nutritional source for bacteria, fungus, termites, carpenter ants or rodents. It also provides advanced moisture management to help prevent condensation that could lead to mold and mildew. Inhibiting moisture also improves humidity control.

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