Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Looking for an insulation material that is safe for use in a residential or commercial project? Intec is proud to work with a variety of different spray foam insulation products designed to meet the needs of every one of our customers.
Performance Value

Spray foam is self-expanding insulation that provides superior performance in energy efficiency, air quality and sound control. The two part component expands, sealing all gaps and crevices that it comes in contact with, providing a superior insulation and air barrier. It provides exceptional sound control from the outside world when applied to exterior or inside wall cavities, reduces the noise from plumbing stacks, laundry rooms and entertainment centers. It is applied as a spray in new construction, remodeling or where there is an open access. It is effective in both wood and metal construction.

Energy and Air Quality

Spray foam eliminates infiltration (air leakage) sealing out dust or allergens to provide both energy efficiency and optimum air quality. With an R-value nearly twice that of batt insulation, Spray foam has shown energy savings between 30 to 50%, and is certified Green due to its reduction of energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions.

Spray foam does not shrink, sag, settle or decline in R-value over time. This type of insulation is inert and does not provide a nutritional source for bacteria, fungus, termites, carpenter ants or rodents. It also provides advanced moisture management to help prevent condensation that could lead to mold and mildew. Inhibiting moisture also improves humidity control.

We use an economical spray foam insulation that can be used for both commercial and residential insulation jobs. The environmentally-friendly products are of the most innovative spray foam insulation products on the market place given its low VOC rating. This useful tool helps increase efficiency within the workplace and adds value to your home.

Easy to Apply

The easy to use closed cell spray foam insulation features a fast-front end reaction that allows it to evenly lay and features a 4" lift so that wall cavities only need to be filled once. This drastically reduces the time it takes to apply commercial or residential insulation since the technician does not have to wait between layers for the foam to cool. Whether you want your home or company to leave behind a low carbon footprint, this product is the right choice.

Meets Commercial-Grade Insulation Specifications

When your specifications includes providing high R-values, NFPA 285, and E-119 standards, Intec can direct your choice with a variety of products, which are approved for use as an air barrier and noted for its compressive strength and dimensional stability. Given its impressive list of attributes, Intec is proud to use spray foam insulation at many of its worksites and on residential insulation projects across Milwaukee.

Our products can be used without an ignition barrier which helps reduce the costs of insulation overall. In addition, it fits the requirement to be named a Class II vapor retarder making it a multi-purposeful foam spray insulation with both commercial and residential applications.

Suitable for Commercial and Residential Insulation Applications

Spray foam insulation is a great choice for both residential and commercial insulation applications because of its high-ratings within the industry. It also helps reduce costs making it a great choice for homeowners and contractors that want a cost-effective spray foam insulation that still performs up to a high standard. Its ability to deep fill applications as large as 18" makes it a great choice for large insulation projects.

We offer a variety of products, which change as markets develop. Call us for more information.

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