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Windows & Doors

When it comes to windows and doors that will truly set a building apart from the rest Intec has partnered with Quaker Windows & Doors that has been providing “The Right Solution” for more than 70 years.

Windows and doors account for 23% of the heat loss in a typical home. In older homes, the percentage of heatloss is higher.Replacing old windows and doors can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, increase the comfort inside and increase the resale value of your home.

INTEC professionals can analyze the amount of heat loss occurring around windows and recommend replacement choices. Our skilled tradesmen will measure, order and install the new windows with no disruption to your home’s interior finish.

Vinyl replacement windows come in many styles to match your existing décor and are economically effective in decreasing your home’s energy consumption.

Replacement doors come in many styles to match your budget and your existing appearance and are economically effective in decreasing your home’s energy consumption.


Increasing the wall insulation in older homes, often requires the removal of small sections of the home’s siding. On occasion, the home owner will want to replace the siding on the house due to age or worn condition.

INTEC provides siding replacement services for these situations, or for any home owner that wants to upgrade their home. We offer a variety of new siding solutions to our residential clients that will improve the energy efficiency and increase the curb appeal of their home.

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