Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation

The Cost Effective Solution

Cellulose is the most cost effective solution in improving energy efficiency in existing homes. Cellulose is naturally recycled paper manufactured into an eco-friendly insulation product that provides energy efficient cost savings. A primary feature of cellulose is its ability to stop air infiltration by densely free-flowing into cavities and tight spots, filling cracks and covering seams.

Think Green

Cellulose has garnered its Green certification rating both through its content which is 80% recycled paperand the efficient use of energy required to produce it. Cellulose has a manufactured embodied energy that is less than 750 BTU per pound.

Fire Prevention

INTEC, Insulation Technologies, installs cellulose fiber with 100% Borate Fire Retardant Formula. It is pulverized into a fine powder that adheres and remains part of the insulation. The dense structure of cellulose and its fire retardant qualities inhibit fire from spreading through a building by blocking flames and hot gases from passing through insulated walls and ceilings. Cellulose receives a Class 1 rating for flame spread and smoke development and meets specifications set by all federal, state and local building authorities. It is one of the safest materials used in home construction.

Sound Control

The unique porosity and interwoven fibers create an effective sound barrier. It minimizes noises from outside as well as inside noise from plumbing and other sources.

Rodent and Insect Control

The borate fire retardant formula repels rodents and insects, including cockroaches.

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