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From our early beginnings in 1985, we have served over 35,000+ clients, all over Southeast Wisconsin. Over thirty years ago we introduced routine blower door testing, infra-red scanning, and combustion diagnostics in our inspections as well as in the execution of our work. Our experience, direct observation, testing, evaluation and innovation have contributed to the birth of a new industry now licensed by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). We are a Building Performance Company, The owner/president of Insulation Technologies, Inc., INTEC, was created by Jaime Hurtado; developed as a family-owned and operated business. He started his career as a General Manager of the Energy Experts franchise in Waukesha in 1983. The Energy Experts is a wholly owned subsidiary of La Casa de Esperanza, Inc. and in 1985 Jaime bought his own franchise from the Energy Experts in Racine and Kenosha and INTEC was born. We are General Contractors, distributors, and installers of acoustical and regular window and door products. Intec is a distributor of Quaker Windows.

Jaime has the privilege to work with the finest people at INTEC. His son Juan H., who is a brilliant Building Performance Analyst. His wife Patrina F.H. who heads up the human resource department, Jaime’s daughter Julia F. who has a Masters in Education, recently joined as office and special projects coordinator. Jaime’s sister-in-law Adele F. is the backbone behind the accounting department. Sergio R. a Civil Engineer who directs our crews as operations manager. Sahithya G. who has an MBA and is our Chief Estimator as well as being an Electrical Engineer. Eric S. is a Project Manager and is accountable for Residential Sales. Dave M. is a Commercial Window Sales Consultant. Miguel G. is a master carpenter and is our lead carpenter supervisor. Ramiro R. has a brilliant mind in building performance. Marco F. is simply the best sheet metal guy and a finish caulker. There are many extraordinary technicians who make INTEC an amazing place. Jaime thanks each and every one of them with eternal gratitude for really being the back bone of a place where they all love to come to work.

"The primary thing about Intec is that I know Jaime focuses in on quality. He's always on the forefront of getting his crews to do the best work possible."

Keith Williams
Owner, Building Services and Consultant LLC.

Our Staff Values

Our cross trained, office staff works effectively together, for we value our customer relationships. We understand and respect each staff members working style, their preferences and strengths and we capitalize on that by using it as an asset for our company. Most will accept additional responsibilities and always extend help to one another. We maintain exemplary professionalism, and respecting others. Our field staff work as a team to get every job done efficiently, while ensuring that work orders are followed to exact specifications. Many of our employees are bilingual and have the capability to reach a wide spectrum of customers. Our staff maintains a smooth balance between friendliness and professionalism. We aim to please by completing jobs flawlessly all while leaving our customers satisfied and overjoyed with our work, work ethic and professionalism.


BPI Certified:

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is the nation’s leading building science accreditation organization. The “house as a system” philosophy – which looks at a building’s various components (building envelope, attic, basement, combustion equipment, ventilation sources) and the interrelationship between them to maximize a home’s performance.

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