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Air Exchange

Your house needs to take in fresh air and expel the by-products of fuel combustion. 
It is important that your home draws in fresh air to support the combustion that takes place in the furnace or boiler, and that the gases created from the combustion are vented to the outside. Many older homes have so many sources of air infiltration that providing fresh air to the furnace has never been a problem. However, once you increase the insulation, replace windows and doors, and caulk and seal unwanted cracks, a vent for fresh air may need to be added to the furnace to provide for the proper amount of air exchange between the house and the outside environment.
Air vent
INTEC technicians will perform tests to determine that the amount of air exchanged between the inside of the house and the outside environment provides a healthy environment inside. We will also check the humidity levels in the shower and the laundry room to make sure excessive moisture is not building up inside the home. If necessary, we will recommend and install vents in those areas to vent moisture to the outside.

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Very professional at each level of the organization. Follow through and communications throughout the project were fantastic. I would recommend Insulation Technologies to anyone with a home improvement project in their future. read more

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